Today I have the pleasure of sharing the YogiYachtie Chelsea with you.
Yes, this girl found a way to not only travel the world as a luxury yacht stewardess, but also teach yoga on the yacht – which really is her true passion. She’s all about gratitude, love and travel. I’m so glad she agreed on an interview as her values are something I myself try to practice in my day-to-day life. I loved her answers to my questions and I hope you will too. It’s time to get inspired!

You seem like a very passionated person and grateful to live the life you are living. How do you believe people find their passions?
I believe that there is at least one time in every person’s life when they feel like they simply don’t have any passions. I know I have experienced it, and I have also heard it from many friends, co-workers and loved ones. For me, passion had to grow organically. It wasn’t as if one day I woke up and said “I’d like to be passionate about X,Y and Z.” It seemed as if it was more of a slow, steady and gentle process. After graduating college in 2008, the year of the largest modern-day economic crash, myself and many people my age were forced to create an atypical life for ourselves. Finding my way through this idea that I had to be successful, wealthy and happy was a struggle at first. I chased jobs for the money, the business card, and the title. When all of those things failed me in all areas of life, I threw my hands in the air, shed a few tears, quit my job and began to simply do more of the things that made me happy.
At the time, happiness came in the form of my yoga mat. That led me down a path of love, forgiveness, fearlessness (ish), and gratitude. Today I can say that I have many passions, and the things that I am most passionate about are the things that “fill my cup.” The things that make me feeling “whole” again. Being of service, facilitating a yogic journey and lifestyle to anyone who may be curious, taking photos, leaving footprints, eating delicious food, hanging with friends, spending many hours in salt water as well as time resting, breathing and feeling are a few things that I can say fill my cup. When I feel that my cup is empty, I do at least a few of these things ASAP.
My suggestion for someone who is looking for their own passions: think about the activities that you absolutely love. The moments in life when nothing else matters. What are you doing when your heart beats ferociously yet you feel more calm than ever? What is the thing that you wish you were doing most of the time? When are you most “in the flow” or feel a sense of connection to that which is greater than yourself? If you find even a part of an answer to those questions, then follow that path. Spend more time doing that thing. Let your heart follow you to that thing and let it become your life. Find what it is that you like, and keep at it. Dare to go as far as your thoughts and dreams may take you, and dare to let that be what drives your actions in life.
What’s the best part about yachting?
The money. Haha. Seriously though, I’d love to have a romantic answer like “the travel and amazing people!” For me, travel and amazing people come in all walks of life, with every experience and each moment. Of course in addition to the money you make, yachting provides a unique opportunity to live for free. Thus, your salary is yours. For me this has been a great way to pay off my student loans and to build a savings that I can be proud of. I will say however that (besides the money ;)) the best part about yachting has been learning the ability to take my yoga practice truly off the mat, and into my life. Yachting in particular is not a place for the weak of heart. It is hard physical work, very long hours, very small quarters and very high stress. Put these elements together into a living, breathing, metal and teek organism comprised of humans from all over the world who communicate and handle stress very differently… well you can watch the show “Below Deck” to get an idea of what happens next!
What was your first season/first job like as a yacht stewardess?
I started in yachting simply doing day work and small contract jobs that were primarily based out of south Florida. I was totally in over my head and had no idea what was going on, but luckily thanks to my many years as a bartender and a decent ability to “fake it ’til I make it” I got by just fine. I learned quickly that if you are willing to ask for help, own your mistakes and to be in a beginners mind at all times, than people are very happy to teach.
Is there anything you always do when you get to a new spot?
The first thing I always do when I land in a new city is walk.. and walk and walk and walk. I always grab a cappuccino at what looks like a local cafe (I have a secret and on going world-wide cappuccino competition happening in my mind) and walk until I get lost and find my way again. The second thing I do, of course once my cappuccino is done, is I always find the local Duomo or Cathedral, humbly enter with awe and gratitude, give an offering and a send up a prayer of thanks and wishes for safe travels and health and well being. If I have time, I love to hop on a free walking tour. There are some great companies out there that offer tip-based tours of many of the major cities in Europe and else-where around the world. The locals giving the tour work hard for their tips and are passionate about sharing their city with you. Hop on the Internet and check out ratings of the ones you find. I have never had a bad one yet. Well, except for in Paris… there’s something about Parisians that you will just have to experience for yourself 😉
Do you have any tips on how to stay positive and smiley when you’re tired
from long days and hard work in the middle of a guest trip?

Gratitude, gratitude, and more gratitude. It is a daily, moment-by-moment practice, and I swear by it. I really have made a conscious effort to change my vocabulary from “I have to do this…” to “I get to do this.” For example, I get to wake up and see the sunrise over many oceans. I get to teach yoga today, and on a super yacht. I get to eat delicious food. I get to go sail. And in (however many more days/weeks) I get to attend a yoga class, drink a cappuccino, say a prayer, and go get a massage and pedicure in whichever lovely city we happen to stumble upon. Whoop! And never forget that a good sense of humor is always welcomed when exhaustion and frustration kick in. I’d recommend to do your best to not be inappropriate, sarcastic or rude (that will just add wood to the fire), but keeping things light and funny will help change anyone’s mood. At the end of the day, someone else’s frustration is most likely their own struggle and has nothing to do with you, though it may seem like it at times.
Yachting can seem like a quite intimidating industry.
What advice would yougive to someone who is thinking about getting into yachting but aren’t sure?

You cannot go wrong if you try, and the answer is always “NO” if you do not ask. There are many ways to break into yachting and there are also many ways to live within the industry. There are no “right” ways to do it. Some people live onboard private or charter yachts for years, others live on land and only do contract or seasonal work. You will never regret spending one year of your life traveling, learning, exploring, working and making money. My sincere recommendation is to try your best to not come into it with a story already pre-written about what your journey is meant to look like. Go obtain your STCW (a mandatory training for all professional yacht crew), apply for jobs, have an open heart and an excited mindset, let the nerves come and go, and enjoy the ride!! Who knows where it will lead you, and let it be a surprise, even to yourself.
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All pictures are from Chelsea’s IG @theYogiYachtie and @chels_nels where she’s not only collecting amazing moments but also writes beautiful captions.

Update: Chelsea can also be found at her website where you can learn more about her and her life as a yacht stewardess. Make sure to check out her blog while you’re at it!