I had the pleasure of meeting the very sweet Emma a couple of years ago when she was still in University.
After graduating, she wasted no precious time to get out and start experiencing the world.
Today she’s working on a large super yacht and is in the middle of her first season (which seem to fit her great due to her positive energy and love for sunshine).
I’m glad I got to steal some of her time and ask her a couple of questions despite her busy schedule.

How’s your first season been so far?
My first season has been good!
Super busy with lots to learn but I’ve really enjoyed it.

What do you prefer to do on your days off?
On my days off I like to make the most of the weather, especially as a stewardess you spend most of your time inside, so I like to get out in the sun and go for a swim, and just chill out and take some downtime compared to the craziness of charter. If I’m in a new city or location I also love to be a classic tourist and sight-see and explore.

What’s the biggest perks of working on a yacht instead of a normal job?
Yachting enables you to save money because you have very few expenses as you don’t have any rent or bills on the boat, so thats pretty good. You also get to travel to so many places that you just wouldn’t have the chance to working a normal 9-5.
I have worked in an office before and found that I felt so sluggish sat down all the time and so yachting enables me to stay active whilst I work which I find a massive perk.

What has the biggest challenge been for you so far? 
The biggest challenge for me so far has been taking the step to actually GO and join the industry. My boyfriend is in yachting and has been encouraging me to join for years but I was never a hundred percent, but now that I have finally made the jump I’m so glad and wish I had done it sooner! I haven’t had that many challenges in terms of guests- of course they can be demanding but in any job you have demands to meet and so its just adjusting your skills to deal with those situations.

I was never a hundred percent, but now that I have finally made the jump I’m so glad and wish I had done it sooner!


Did you find it hard to get used to the job and yachting lifestyle?
Um, not particularly. I was totally ready for a change in my life and so welcomed the yachting lifestyle, but I can understand how it could be hard to get used to. Your work environment is very intense, living and working with the crew and so that does take some getting used to!

What advice would you give someone who is thinking about getting into yachting but aren’t quite sure?
I did my research! I asked any yachties I knew who were in the industry for advice and I read a book called ‘The Insiders Guide To Becoming A Yacht Stewardess’ which I found pretty helpful. Ultimately, you won’t know if you like yachting unless you try it so you might as well give it a go!

How do you look at the future
and what do you want out of life in the coming year?

In the coming year I’d still like to be in yachting,
gained lots of experience and would love to do a Caribbean season!


Follow Emma in her everyday yachtie-lifestyle on her instagram where she is collecting beautiful moments around the world.