Alrighty, I’ll try to keep this brief. I want to give you some advice on websites and apps that you’ll probably find very useful when working as a Stewardess.
Know nothing about wine? No inspiration for tonights dinner table? Want to do some new fancy napkin folds? Find tutorials, guidelines, inspiration, and knowledge for free online!

You have internet access on the yachts, and I am guessing you have a smart phone? Well, if not, there’s probably a couple of tablets available on the yacht that you could use as well.

Pinterest is awesome for ALL KIND of inspiration. I’ve mostly used pinterest to learn new napkin folds and to get inspiration for table decorations, but there’s seem to be no limit to what you can find on there. Toiliet paper origami, drink tips, bathroom-set ups, all kind of organizing, the list goes on. Pinterest is your best friend!


Have previous wine-knowledge? Awesome! If not, it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to be a sommelier to present a wine and seem like an expert any longer. Technology is taking over and you don’t have to store the information in your head, nor do you need a sommelier-palate. Use Vivino wine scanner to get all the information you need. Vivino is an app where you simply scan the label on the bottle to get information about the wine. Easy peasy!


While we are on the wine..check out Winefolly. I’ve linked to a page where they walk you through what kind of glass you serve different types of wine in, but they got a ton of other useful information as well. Seriously, who needs a wine course with todays free material?! I love the future!

Another interesting app which is news to me is YachtNeeds/YachtChat. This app wasn’t around when I worked in yachting but if I was getting into yachting today I would definitely give it a go. It has a big variety of features to help you connect with crew, find day work, get port-information and other useful stuff for yacht crew.


Best of luck:)