Here’s what YSI is all about

Hi, I’m Lovisa Schampi

If you’ve ever asked yourself any of the questions below, you’re in the right place.

“How can I travel the world without worrying about money either before, during or after the trip?”

“Isn’t there a better way to get around than backpacking and cheap and dirty hostels?”

“Where can I get a job and lifestyle that’s exciting to wake up to – without a fancy degree, rich parents or a long list of great contacts? ”

“How can I get a taste of the good life on a budget?”

“What’s the easiest way to see and meet celebrities, the world’s VIP and elite families?”

“I want to try different things while I am young!
But how do I break free from fears and old habits and actually do it?”



In an industry like no other I believe smart people who want to score their first jobs fast and smooth must be well prepared and aware of how the job hunt really works.

I started Yacht Stew International to give young and adventurous souls an insight into an alternative lifestyle. My goal is to spread the word so you don’t miss out on taking the chance if you want to. If you’re not interested – well, at least then you’ve actively said no after learning what yachting can offer you.
However, if you are curious and temped to make yachting into a chapter of your life, this site is created to help you along the way. To make you ready, confident and excited to experience a completely different side of the world
– literally and metaphorically.

Yachting certainly changed my every day life into a reality I was excited to wake up to every morning. But before I got to the point of loving my job, there were weeks of more or less daily struggle. To begin with – the struggle of getting a job or even getting interviews and then to do well in them!

..And then the struggle of getting things right when I finally landed that first job. The good news is that I was constantly learning, about the industry, other people and myself. And now I know what works and what doesn’t. I know how to help you get your dream job much quicker than I did, and I know what to teach you to succeed and love your new career.